Alain Badiou in Belgrade

Alain Badiou is one of the most inventive and compelling French philosophers. He visited Belgrade on multiple occasions where he gave lectures and interviews. In the videos below, Alain Badiou discusses the four procedures of truth. As exposed in his book The True Life directed at today’s youth, he considers that true life is: “A life that does not limit itself either to obedience or the satisfaction of immediate impulses. A life in which the subject constitutes herself as a subject. For me there are four domains in which truth manifests itself, what I call the four procedures for the construction of truth: art, love, politics and science. My wish for the youth is that they traverse these four conditions: to encounter art in all its forms; to be loving in fidelity, and for a long time; and to participate in the political reconstruction of a world of justice, as against the world such as it is. And not to be as ignorant of science as they currently are, so that they do not leave it in the hands of technology or capital.”