War without words

People who have experienced the proximity of war or of the horrors of war have quickly realized that there is something in their experience which rejects thought, which rejects uttering. War is a true epistemological minefield. It is a frowning, terrifying, tyrannical Absolute swallowing and devouring all meaning. The horror given ‘by itself’ and ‘for itself’ sets itself down in front of thought as a simple anti-subject of thinking. The truth of war is radical anti-truth. No constructive, functional, or affirmative thought is possible. Such thought is possible only in the form of ideological ‘truths’ which are themselves participants in the war, which produce war, which start it. But if in war there is no truth about war, that is not only because truths themselves are used to wage war, with one sets of truths against another, but also because no speech about war, however adequate, that is, true and neutral, is able to express what is unutterable in war, its horrifying essence in front of which even the wisest of speeches, or logos , remains simply dumb, without words.

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