Autopoetics of sound and signs: Toward poetry by other means

Autopoetics aims to create poetry which doesn’t rely on language and its known grammatical-syntactical structure. It is an attempt to overcome the limitations of currently known linguistic territories which are inadequate for artistic communication through simple and non-purely-verbal poetic forms (e.g. visual poetry, Signalism). Autopoetics doesn’t arise from the act of will and consciousness but from the space of the preconscious impulse; from the time and place before knowledge. With autopoetics, the poetess attempts to create a world, from the beginning, and not only to explain it. Autopoetics which shies away from language, creates a cosmic poetry that addresses everyone and isn’t constrained by the borders of language, nationalism(s), or cultures. Thus autopoetics explores the possibility of strengthening the sensuous experience, of creating a deeper involvement in poetic sensibility through a reduction of constraints of language.

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